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Chicken wing 1,2 phalanx (cut and mixed)

Sourced from Ukraine, our expertly cut and mixed Chicken Wing 1,2 Phalanx is a versatile and delicious addition to your kitchen. Each box contains approximately 14 kg of these delectable wings, and they come with a net weight of 26 MT per 40′ container. With a shelf life of 12 months when stored at temperatures not exceeding -18°C, these wings are perfect for a wide range of recipes. Packed in sturdy carton boxes, they’re ready to enhance your culinary creations. Essential documentation includes a Veterinarian Certificate and Certificate of Origin for your peace of mind. Elevate your dishes with these convenient and flavorful chicken wings.




Net weight / box 14 kg.
Net weight / cont. 40`feet 26 MT
Shelf life 12 months (with the temperature not above -18 °C);
Origin Ukraine
Packing carton boxes
Documents Veterinarian Certificate, Certificate of Origin


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